No really, I actually teach yoga  Here’s my schedule:
(explanations below schedule)

Mondays: HPF  – CPY NVS 9am & YS – CPY NVN 5:30pm
Tuesdays: C2 NVS 930am & HPF & YS – CPY NVS 430 & 6pm
Wednesdays: C2 – CPY GE 7pm
Thursdays: YS – CPY NVS 12noon, CR – CPY NVN 8pm
Fridays: HPF & C2 – CPY GE 1030am, 12noon

Subject to change, because you know, life.

I’ve also been know to teach in the McDowel Forest preserve, Blackberry Market, Athleta and participate in the odd Flash Mob

For an up to date schedule that includes classes I’m subbing, or the rare occasion that I sub one of my classes look here

CPY CorePower Yoga
HPF = Hot Power Fusion, think hot, humid, detoxing – bring a towel, and I will make you laugh, and you can watch me turn into Ms Frizzle, hair wise at least
YS = Yoga Sculpt, yoga with weights, fun music, and me bouncing round like an idiot to keep you motivated
C2 = Level 2 Vinyasa flow, warm, vinyasa flow with more than a dash of quirky personality and my playlists, actual playlist shown below (never done yoga to Bon Jovi or Metallica ..? here’s your chance)
CR = Core Restore or Yin Yoga, candlelit, Crystal singing bowl – you’ll love it

link to official class descriptions here

Locations (aka where I teach), yes, I get around
NVN = Naperville North, 790 Royal Saint George Drive, Naperville, IL
NVS = Naperville South, 2531 W 75th St, Naperville, IL 60540
GE = Glen Ellyn  525 Roosevelt Road , Glen Ellyn, IL 60137