20150913_145014-01.jpeg“You know I’ve always loved you, but you’re so much nicer now that you do yoga.” Actual statement from an actual  friend of mine. Also, it’s accurate.

Yes I do yoga, I love yoga, I make my living teaching yoga and growing yoga teachers. I’m all yogic all the time. All yogic all the time, except when, say I’m scarfing fries and a burger on a extra glutenly bun (but from locally harvested potatoes and humanely raised beef, but still), except when I have the most adorable potty mouth (no really, my first idea for a special themed yoga class was one where I could swear), except when my answer to about detoxing or juice cleansing is I have a liver and two kidneys, now step away from my coffee and cupcake,  except when I’m gleefully watching The Walking Dead, except when…. you get the idea.

am so much nicer now that I do yoga, but I’m still me, and a lot of the time I can be a jerk, or at least have very non-yogic thoughts.

Words used to describe me, which have varying levels of  accuracy

  • Elitest  – so true, especially with food and UK actors
  • Princess – pleeeze
  • Queen – better
  • Offensive – or to quote “she doesn’t realize how offensive she can be”
  • Jerk
  • Gross
  • All about my ‘naturally curly hair’
  • Large appliance repairman
  • Witty – so bloody witty
  • Little Miss Splendid – truth
  • Little Miss Bossy – more truth
  • Superficial
  • Vain
  • Crude
  • Occasionally, and only slightly sarcastic
  • High Maintenance
  • Upfront
  • Occasionally Hot, but usually just when I’m sweaty
  • Fab-U-lous
  • 12 – as in “what are you, like, 12?!”
  • Acerbic
  • Pain in the arse

Feel free to add to the list, because obviously, it’s all about me.

And then Steve called me Zen Bitch, and everything in my world made sense and this blog was born. A home for my slightly off beat, not always yogi thoughts and stories.

Don’t say you were never warned.


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